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George Wendt, founder of OARS


george wendt OARSGeorge Wendt is the founder and President of Outdoor Adventure River Specialists (OARS –

I love talking to business people of all types, but I especially enjoying talking to people whose passions have become their business. OARS specializes in adventure river trips all over the western United States, and even does some international trips. I’ve had the chance to travel with OARS on three different occasions, and it’s a blast. I wrote a blog about a Grand Canyon rafting trip with them, and you can see that HERE.

rafting tunnel chuteGeorge is an interesting guest, and he’s managed to build a highly rated and exciting business. He’s done this by having a sterling reputation, providing an excellent service, a great team, and smart business practices. George and I talked about the importance of a company’s reputation, about surrounding yourself with top notch people, and about treating customers well.

Business people of all stripes will enjoy and benefit from hearing George share his business philosophies and success methods. George is also a person unashamed of his Christian faith, which plays a big role in his life and business.

I told George that I’m not only a returning customer of OARS; I’m a fan of the company. Visit their website, and listen in to the Broadcast of Driven to Business with Eddie Mayfield. The program will be streamed live on and podcast on . Don’t miss this broadcast.

Eddie Mayfield

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