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Customer Service with Eddie Mayfield

handshakeAnyone that thinks they have nothing to learn about customer service, and is in a leadership position of any sort, in any organization- is foolish.

No organization holds a technical or market advantage very long, and the defining factor for growth is often customer service.

For small businesses and organizations  especially, this can be the great leveler when competing with a large company.   This program starts out by asking “what kind of a customer are you?”  Using that as a springboard, Eddie then uses both personal anecdotes and professional standards and research to discuss and examine the “how to’s” of good customer service.

Tune in Saturday morning,  at 11 AM on Atlanta’s Biz 1190 radio.  The program is streamed live on biz and podcast on

Driven to Business with Eddie Mayfield is heard every Saturday morning at 11 AM on WAFS, Atlanta’s Business Radio.   Tune in.

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